Jean Luc Melenchon speech at Stalingrad Square after the victory of the NFP at the legislativ elections, 7 July, Paris.

A Hopeful Surprise in France

Nessim Achouche
On the evening of Sunday, 7 July 2024, the Place de la République in Paris was once again filled with a compact crowd, but this time it was joy and shouts of victory that dominated the gathering immediately after the election results were announced. read more "A Hopeful Surprise in France"

»Rosa Luxemburg goes Europe« was the slogan under which the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation launched the project of establishing a Brussels office in 2008. Brussels is not only the centre of European politics, but also a significant centre of world politics, particularly with regard to north-south policy. Brussels is also the headquarters of NATO. There are thus many political divides that run through Brussels, many of which may not always be completely visible at first sight. These different fields of action are what determines the strategic orientation of our Brussels Office.

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nordic_EU-elections-640x360 IMAGO/Kristian Tuxen Ladegaard Berg
Record results for (Centre-)Left parties in the Nordic countries, with far-right parties losing ground. Denmark, Finland and Sweden surprised during the ... read more "More than just an electoral upwind? Nordic left-wing parties after the EU elections"
sweden-640x360 IMAGO/TT
After winning over 11 percent of the vote, and two mandates, in June’s European Parliament elections, the Swedish Left Party Vänsterpartiet is celebrating its best election ... read more "Sweden’s Left Party celebrates its biggest win in 20 year"


janemcalev-640x360 Conor Healy / Picture It Photogr

Remembering Jane McAlevey (1964–2024)

Ethan Earle
****Version française ci-dessous**** Read her books and take her trainings, but not to deify her — nothing could be further from her mission. Take them so ... read more "Remembering Jane McAlevey (1964–2024)"
nupes-640x360 IMAGO/Le Pictorium
When Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France in 2017, he vowed in his first public speech that the far right... read more "France between Fascism and the Popular Front"
imago480404869-640x360 IMAGO/ZUMA Press Wire
The EU elections in Spain saw a narrow victory for the centrist People's Party, which beat the Socialist Party by two seats. The clear victory goes to the ... read more "Yolanda Díaz steps down from leadership of Sumar and Izquierda Unida fails to enter the European Parliament"
KPOe-e1717767823402-640x360 Flicker / KPÖ
If you ask a random passer-by on the streets of Salzburg what sets the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) apart, they will probably have quite a bit to say — ... read more "Setting Ourselves Apart"
imago263156198-e1717592376686-640x360 IMAGO/ABACAPRESS
****Version française ci-dessous****With only a few days to go before election day, the foundation’s Nessim Achouche spoke to Clémence Guetté, a member of ... read more "The Struggle for Hegemony Is a Struggle for Ideas"
polen-640x360 IMAGO/ZUMA Wire
The European Parliament elections on 9 June will be the third nationwide elections to take place in Poland in eight months. They are expected to set the course ... read more "The EU Elections in Poland"

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