A Europe of Capital

Kenneth Haar
30,000 lobbyists…and counting. The sheer number of corporate lobbyists that influence EU policy-making, and the financial firepower available to them, constitute a challenge to democracy, social rights, peace and the planet. In this book, lobbying researcher and campaigner ... read more "A Europe of Capital"

»Rosa Luxemburg goes Europe« was the slogan under which the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation launched the project of establishing a Brussels office in 2008. Brussels is not only the centre of European politics, but also a significant centre of world politics, particularly with regard to north-south policy. Brussels is also the headquarters of NATO. There are thus many political divides that run through Brussels, many of which may not always be completely visible at first sight. These different fields of action are what determines the strategic orientation of our Brussels Office.

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meloni IMAGO/Italy Photo Press
“Just write Giorgia!” For Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia party, June’s European elections are all about the prime minister, who is its top-listed candidate in all five Italian ... read more "“With Giorgia, Italy Is Changing Europe”"
finland-e1716548954563-640x360 IMAGO/Lehtikuva
As the European Parliament elections this June draw nearer, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is conducting a series of interviews with left-wing parties and candidates from across the EU on the election campaign, their political programmes, ... read more "Opposing Finland’s Thatcherist Turn"


European Election Debate With The French Candidates IMAGO/ABACAPRESS
How French voters turn out in the European elections next month could have major domestic implications Do the French care about the ... read more "A Test Run for 2027?"
imago441881728-1-640x360 IMAGO/Alberto Gardin
In the Spanish State, all indicators seem to point in the same direction: we are coming to the end of a cycle, in which what has been called the “Space for ... read more "Low Expectations for Spain’s Divided Left"
Pic-Frederikke-Hellemann-640x360 Quentin Bruno / The Left
As the European Parliament elections this June draw nearer, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is conducting a series of interviews with left-wing parties and ... read more "“Back to Basics”"
ptb IMAGO/Photo News
(German) In Belgien finden die Wahlen zum Europäischen Parlament wieder im Schatten der nationalen Parlaments- und Regionalwahlen statt, somit dürfte auch mit... read more "The Inexorable Rise of the Belgian Workers’ Party"
EoC-640x360 Louise Schmidt
On 17 April 2024, the Brussels office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung launched the English-language edition of the book “A Europe of Capital” by Kenneth Haar... read more "Corportate Capture and the EU‘s Democratic Deficit – A Conversation between Kenneth Haar and Özlem Demirel"
hanna-gedin2_c-640x360 Agnes Stuber
An interview with Hanna Gedin from the Swedish Left Party Vänsterpartiet on the priorities and challenges of the ... read more "”We need to give people hope”"

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Feminist Economics: Chapter 5. Households and community.

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The capitalist system neither guarantees nor takes responsibility for the sustainability of life, and breaks community and collective ties. It pours this responsibility into households, making it individual and isolated.