A Europe of Capital

Kenneth Haar
30,000 lobbyists…and counting. The sheer number of corporate lobbyists that influence EU policy-making, and the financial firepower available to them, constitute a challenge to democracy, social rights, peace and the planet. In this book, lobbying researcher and campaigner ... read more "A Europe of Capital"

»Rosa Luxemburg goes Europe« was the slogan under which the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation launched the project of establishing a Brussels office in 2008. Brussels is not only the centre of European politics, but also a significant centre of world politics, particularly with regard to north-south policy. Brussels is also the headquarters of NATO. There are thus many political divides that run through Brussels, many of which may not always be completely visible at first sight. These different fields of action are what determines the strategic orientation of our Brussels Office.

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“Someone who cares about housing.“ Kay-Michael Dankl is not only present in the neighbourhoods during the election campaign. The KPÖ candidate for the office of mayor in Salzburg achieved 28 percent in the municipal elections on 10 March and made it to the run-off, where he is running against the SPÖ candidate. KPÖ

Learning from Salzburg

Ines Schwerdtner
KPÖ Plus becomes the second strongest force in the municipal council and mayoral elections in Salzburg Kay-Michael Dankl is greeted with cheers as he arrives on his bike at the Volksheim community centre in Salzburg.... read more "Learning from Salzburg"
A poster of Ada Colau’s campaign for Barcelona’s municipal election in May 2023 IMAGO / ZUMA Wire
The local and regional (autonomous community) elections of May 2023 marked a shift to the right across most of the Spanish state. Barcelona was no exception: the intense mobilization of the ... read more "Eight years of political change in Barcelona"

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We hear it regularly: the story that Denmark is a frontrunner in the green transition. But many facts tell another ... read more "Denmark: the pig empire with the ruined sea"

The international alliances of the Spanish far right

Nora Rodríguez, Miquel Ramos
Spain’s far right has lagged behind its counterparts in other European countries in gaining a foothold in ... read more "The international alliances of the Spanish far right"
Interview with Mariana Mortágua Early legislative elections will be held in Portugal next March ... read more "“Choosing people’s lives over profits and high rents”"
For many, Scandinavia is synonymous with social democracy, high union density, public ownership, and ... read more "Northern Lights? Nordic lessons for the just transition"

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Feminist Economics: Chapter 5. Households and community.

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The capitalist system neither guarantees nor takes responsibility for the sustainability of life, and breaks community and collective ties. It pours this responsibility into households, making it individual and isolated.