Call: For an audit of Tunisia’s debts to the EU

The Members of different Parliaments of Europe, both at national and European levels, call for an immediate suspension of EU debt repayment by Tunisia (with frozen interests) and an auditing of the debt.

The press release was initiated by Marie-Christine Vergiat (Front de Gauche), Gabi Zimmer (Die Linke) MEP, and CADTM (Committee for the Abolition of the Third World Debt). In the meantime, the call has been undersigned by a great number of parlamentarians.

Further Information:

Call to national and European MPs : For an audit of Tunisia’s debts to the EU

With dictator Ben Ali ousted from power since 14 January 2011, Tunisia bears the burden of a public external debt amounting to $14.4 bn, which is a major obstacle to the development of the Tunisian people since repayment (capital plus interests) drains on an average an annual sum 6 times larger than the health budget. While Tunisia urgently needs all its financial resources to face the current situation, the present governor of the central bank of Tunisia is considering devoting EU 577 million from the government budget to servicing the public external debt for the year 2011.

Such a degree of indebtedness has not improved people’s living conditions, and the wealth accumulated by the Ben Ali clan over 23 years in power is proof that significant embezzlements took place with the complicity of a number of creditors.

To this we should add the amounts Tunisia has already paid against its external public debt. According to the central bank’s data, from 1970 to 2009 Tunisia repaid 2.47 bn more than it borrowed.

This is why, we the undersigned, Members of different Parliaments of Europe, both at national and European levels, call for an immediate suspension of EU debt repayment by Tunisia (with frozen interests) and an auditing of the debt. The audit, to which members of civil society must be associated, as was the case in Ecuador in 2007-2008, will shed light on what the money was borrowed for, the circumstances in which loan contracts were signed, what conditions were set, and their environmental, social and economic consequences.

The audit will make it possible to identify the illegitimate portion of the Tunisian debt, i.e. the part that did not benefit the people, but it should also serve to prevent a new cycle of illegitimate and unsustainable debt while underlining the responsibility of European creditors, the responsibility of the international financial institution in which the European member States are playing a preponderant role, and the next Tunisian government.

To sign this call, please contact Renaud Vivien from CADTM (Committee for the Abolition of the Third World Debt) :


Marie-Christine Vergiat, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Gabriele Zimmer, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Marie-Hélène Amiable, parlementaire française (PCF)
Kader Arif, MEP (S&D)
Eliane Assassi, parlementaire française (PCF)
Marie-France Beaufils, parlementaire française (PCF)
Malika Benarab-Attou, MPE (Verts/ALE)
Jean-Luc Bennahmias, MPE (ALDE)
Michel Billout, parlementaire français (PCF)
Lothar Bisky, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Philippe Blanchart, parlementaire belge (PS)
Nicole Borvo Cohen-Seat, parlementaire française (PCF)
Juliette Boulet, parlementaire belge (ECOLO-GROEN)
Hassan Bousetta, parlementaire belge (PS)
Patrick Braouezec, parlementaire français (FASE)
Eva Brems, parlementaire belge (ECOLO-GROEN!)
Bairbre de Brun, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Núria Buenaventura, parlementaire espagnole (ICV)
Marie-Georges Buffet, parlementaire française (PCF)
Hans-Ulrich Bünger, parlementaire allemand (Die Linke)
André Chassaigne, parlementaire français (PCF)
Nikolaos Chountis, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Annie David, parlementaire française (PCF)
Diether Dehm, parlementaire allemand (Die Linke)
Olivier Deleuze, parlementaire belge (ECOLO-GROEN!)
Céline Delforge, parlementaire belge (ECOLO)
Isabelle Durant, MPE (Verts/ALE)
Cornelia Ernst, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Guy Fischer, parlementaire français (PCF)
Hélène Flautre, MPE (Verts/ALE)
Karine Lalieux, parlementaire belge (PS)
Zoé Genot, parlementaire belge (ECOLO-GROEN!)
Brigitte Gonthier-Maurin, parlementaire française (PCF)
Estelle Grelier, MEP (S&D)
Catherine Grèze, MPE (Verts/ALE)
Sylvie Guillaume, MPE (S&D)
Takis Hadjigeorgiou, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Jacky Hénin, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Elie Hoarau, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Andrej Hunko, parlementaire allemand (Die Linke)
Eric Jadot, parlementaire belge (ECOLO-GROEN!)
Yannick Jadot, MPE (Verts/ALE)
Eva Joly, MPE (Verts/ALE)
Francizska Keller, MPE (Verts/ALE)
Zakia Khattabi, parlementaire belge (ECOLO-GROEN!)
Jürgen Klute, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Patrick Le Hyaric, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Sabine Lösing, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Rachid Madrane, parlementaire belge (PS)
Marisa Matias, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Alain Mathot, parlementaire belge (PS)
Jean-Luc Mélenchon, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Willy Meyer, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Louis Michel, MPE(ALDE)
Patrick Moriau, parlementaire belge (PS)
Roland Muzeau, parlementaire français (PCF)
Paul Daniel, parlementaire français (PCF)
Miguel Portas, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Jack Ralite, parlementaire français (PCF)
Ivan Renar, parlementaire français (PCF)
Michèle Rivasi, MPE (Verts/ALE)
Helmut Scholz, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Mireille Schurch, parlementaire française (PCF)
Søren Søndergaard, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Thérèse Snoy, parlementaire belge (ECOLO-GROEN!
Patrice Tirolien, MPE (S&D)
Catherine Trautmann, MPE (S&D)
Kyriacos Triantaphyllide, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Dirk Van der Maelen, parlementaire belge (sp.a)
Kathrin Vogler, parlementaire allemande (Die Linke)
Jean-François Voguet, parlementaire français (PCF)
Henri Weber, MEP (S&D)
Sabine Wils, MPE (GUE/NGL)
Olga Zrihen, parlementaire belge, (PS)