The Contribution of Women to Peace and Reconciliation

Birgit Daiber et al., 2012

Project documentation with reports on Somalia, Rwanda, Ex-Yougoslavia, Israel and Palestine

“How can it be that the enormous amount of work and experience in peace practice accumulated by women and by many selfless men, who are all struggling in their own contexts for compromise and peace, has entered to such a small degree into the general strategies of conflict prevention and of positive measures for peace building? And what about support for the civil resistance in war and violent conflict? Is the work of civilian women to secure the survival of their children and their families even noticed?

Sometimes, as in the cases of Asha Haji Elmi, Bosiljka Schedlich or Ruchama Marton, women receive awards and then enjoy a brief moment of public attention, but they then immediately disappear back into their practical projects, their grassroots work, and when the “big” issues of conflict prevention and conflict transformation arise, women’s experience and women’s perspectives on conflict are hardly ever embedded in the strategies… The primary task is therefore to really root the experience and solution strategies of women as central in conflict transformation strategies.”


Part 1: Project report

Part 2: Country reports on conflict history, civil resistance, reconciliation work

Part 3: Interviews with women peace activists

The team of the cooperation project:

Gadha Al-Jabda, Birgit Daiber, Shukria Dini, Lama Hourani, Marlis Gensler, Molly Malekar, Yolande Mukagasana, Bosiljka Schedlich, Simone Susskind

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