Double Standards

Ilja Braun, October 2014

International Implementation of Investment Protection versus Human Rights

Arbitration courts for investment disputes have been increasingly criticised, not only in the context of CETA and TTIP, two trade agreements currently planned by the European Union with Canada and the USA respectively. Both agreements include provisions that allow companies to sue states before international courts of arbitration. This led to significant civil commotion, especially in Germany, where Sigmar Gabriel came under pressure to enforce a revision of these clauses in Brussels. The German Minister of Economic Affairs has explained only in August that the success of the TTIP negotiations is by no means to be compromised. Otherwise, said Gabriel, others would

“decide on the rules in a few years’ time. The USA will still be involved, but not Europa. The big economic areas of Asia – first and foremost China – will decide on the direction and pace of globalisation instead. It is presumably Europe’s last chance to set global standards. If we are going to miss this chance, we will have to adapt.”

Download: Double Standards. International Implementation of Investment Protection versus Human Rights (Currently the full text is only available in German)

Short versions of the text have been published in Berliner Gazette and Merkur in German.

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