The Far Right in Europe

August 2015

Reader for the European Summer University for Social Movements

On the occasion of the European Summer University for Social Movements and in co-operation with Attac we prepared two workshops, both concentration on the situation of the far right in Europe.

The first workshop will map the far right political subjects and analyse their different peculiar aspects in several European countries. On this basis we will analyse the new role that the far right is assuming in different European countries and discuss possible forms of resistance.

Our reader collects the contributions of speakers coming from all over Europe to address the problems of the growing acceptance of the far right. Their input records the status quoi of far rights movements in 2014: a time when political parties from the right fringes are gaining ground both on national level and in the European Parliament.

Download the reader:
Die extreme Rechte in Europa. Ein Reader für die Europäische Sommeruniversität für Soziale Bewegungen