Migrant detention in the EU: a thriving business – NOW IN GERMAN AND ITALIAN

Lydie Arbogast on behalf of Migreurop

Outsourcing and privatisation of migrant detention

In the decade influenced by the september 11 attacks, a veritable “migration security market” sprang up, and the interests of european political leaders looking to militarize borders progressively converged with those of the main defence and security service providers. Migrant detention at the borders and within the EU plays an important role in the markets developed in response to political programmes to stem migration flows.

By presenting the various facets of privatisation of migrant detention in the EU, this report aims to provide a tool to understand the issues around this type of “outsourcing”, both in terms of living conditions and treatment of detained migrants and in terms of the symbolic and political consequences of these choices.

This publication is available in English, French, German and Italian.