Call for Tender: Editorial Work

Service Agreement for interpretation, translation and proofreading/copy editing services

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is one of the largest political education institutions in Germany today, with branches in many countries worldwide. The Brussels Office operates as a think tank reflecting on European and international issues such as the global power shift and the socio-ecological transformation of today’s society.

The Brussels Office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung would like to conclude a long-term service agreement for interpretation, translation and proofreading/copy-editing services, awarding these services through a bidding process to a skilled and efficient applicant. This call for offers comprehends three (3) different lots which are going to be treated separately. Any individual tenderer may submit an offer for one, two or all lots. Any tenderer has to submit a separate tender for each lot she/he is tendering for. The lots are independent of each other and may be awarded to different tenderers.

We hereby request you to submit your binding offer in English or German at Only tenders submitted in English or German shall be deemed eligible.

We will only evaluate applicants who have submitted a full application with all the necessary documents.

The bid must be sent at the latest by 10.12.2018, 14:00 Brussels Time. We will send to all the applicants for the lots 2 (translation) and 3 (editing) a test task. You will receive our final answer by 17.12.2018.

If you need further information please contact:

Julie Piette

phone: +32 2 738 76 60