Call for Tenders: Author(s) for a treatise

Author(s) for a treatise on the long term social and economic consequences of trade and current-account imbalances

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is a German political foundation that is active in Germany and abroad. Its work is based on the ideas and actions of its namesake, the socialist activist Rosa Luxemburg. We work to promote peace, democracy, social justice and democratic socialism.

The project:

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office is seeking an author/authors for a study concerning the long term social and economic consequences of huge and rising trade and current-account deficits associated with a loss of competitiveness for economies as a whole. The text should be written in a language that is easily accessible for people without profound knowledge/precognition in economics. Furthermore, the treatise should not only examine the subject in a narrow sense but also discuss necessary/desirable policy interventions.

In particular the consideration of following topics is expected:

  • Introduction – reference to the current relevance of the subject;
  • Definitions of the terms “trade balance” and “balance of current account” (including the use of charts/tables/schemes); presentation of long term developments of these categories/parameters between selected nations and/or economic regions;
  • Discussion of different long term effects of such imbalances on social and economic conditions of deficit and surplus countries; incl. particularities in developing countries and so-called emerging markets (in the process of ‘catch-up development’);
  • Presentations of special cases like the trade relations between the EU (Germany) and the US and the economic relations inside the EU (in particular inside the euro zone);
  • Consideration of necessary policy interventions and how such interventions can be efficiently implemented;
  • Conclusion (summary of the major insights and policy concepts).

The entire treatise should hold 100.000 characters (including spaces) or 20.000 words respectively.Your profile:

  • You have a pertinent knowledge of economics (in particular trade theory) and economic policy;
  • You have proven skills in presenting complex and complicated issues correctly but simultaneously in an clear and easily accessible language;
  • You have experience in writing journalistic texts, preferably in connection with left-wing organisations.

Our requirements:

  • You are expected to produce a treatise/study (incl. charts/tables/schemes) in German, French or English;
  • The texts should hold 100.000 characters (including spaces) in length (20.000 words);
  • The deadline for the first draft is negotiable but should not be later than end of June 2019.

What we offer:

  • Contract of work and services as specified with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels;
  • A decent remuneration (honorarium);
  • Cost coverage for translation and online layout;
  • Cost coverage for printing in case of a printed version.

Application process:

Please send your application specifying how you meet the profile criteria by email in German, French or English by 18 February 2019, 13:00 (CET) to:

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office
Alexandra Spaeth, PR Manager

For further information please contact Alexandra Spaeth at the specified address.