Take up space!

Mobility for everyone is in, car-centrism and hegemonic masculinity is out

About the publication

This polemic analyses capitalist-shaped cities, transport and mobility from a feminist and intersectional perspective, centred around the theory that car-centrism in particular systematically neglects the mobility needs of many in favour of outdated gender norms and ways of life. In other words: today’s cities and the associated transport planning reflect and replicate patriarchal, racist and classist patterns of production, consumption and thought.

The author describes this social construct surrounding cars that has become

entrenched in our cities and transport systems. At the same time, this polemic

draws attention to alternative approaches that allow access to fair mobility for all: more tranquillity and space, room to interact with others and, above all, a safe and climate-friendly environment. After all, fair mobility always makes a vital contribution to social and ecological justice.

About the author

Janna Aljets is an active member of the climate justice movement, campaigning against coal, cars and the patriarchy. She established the transformation of the automotive industry and the transport transition as a key focus area of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels Office.


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