Call for Tenders

Coordination of analyses on working time reduction in Europe

The tender is for a service to coordinate and edit the European information newsletter of the European network for the fair sharing of working time as well as organise a related physical meeting in Brussels in 2022.

The project

The European Network for the fair sharing of working time was set up by ATTAC Germany (ArbeitFairTeilen Group) and the Collectif Roosevelt (France), and today includes numerous organisations such as trade unions, NGOs, citizens’ movements and associations, scientists, policy makers and members of the European Parliament from 15 countries: France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and Iceland.

The European network for the fair sharing of working time has the central aim to stimulate and frame discussions on working time reduction, in order to provide inspiration for national initiatives (awareness campaigns, experimentations, etc.)

The network has the objective of defending and promoting all forms of working time reduction. We are convinced that, depending on the context and the wishes of those who are experimenting, different optimal solutions can be found.

Today, there is no bottom-up movement and no coordination of organisations to promote the sharing of working time on an European level. This situation can be explained by the prioritisation given to national and local initiatives for efficiency reasons. Nevertheless, there is a real need to create a common and open European space to share experiences and ideas on working time reduction across Europe.

Application process

Please send your comprehensive CV specifying how you meet the profile criteria and your remuneration proposal in euros without VAT by email to Federico Tomasone, Program Coordinator: Applications should be submitted in English.

Deadline is Monday, 14 February 2022, 13:00 CET.


All detailed information on the project and the tender can be found below


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