Launch of the study “The Need for Transformation”

Current Challenges for the International Automotive Sector – Voices from Unions, Workers, Climate Movement and Industry

About the publication

This publication uses individual case studies to examine the conditions needed for the international auto-motive industry to transition to an ecological mobility industry in specific countries. The active expansion of an ecological mobility industry for the production of vehicles used in local and long-distance public transport (rail vehicles and buses) can protect jobs and cut the global transport sector’s greenhouse gas emissions against the backdrop of advancing climate change and the fact that the transport sector is the only sector in which greenhouse gas emissions have been rising unchecked for years.

The automotive industry’s supply and value chains span the globe, and individual case studies were prepared for countries within and outside Europe where the automotive industry plays an important role, namely Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, France and Brazil. An academic literature review was conducted for each case study, focusing on the local automotive industry, its importance for the labour market, its position in the supply chain, and the roles of foreign direct investment and of research and development. The structure of the local labour market, the evolution of labour costs and the role of trade unions is also highlighted. Last but not least, this publication touches on existing experiences in each country regarding the production of vehicles for an ecological mobility industry (rail vehicles such as trains and trams, buses) and the relevance of this sector.

About the event

Opening Speech

• Janine Wissler, Co-President of the party DIE LINKE.


• Salvador Claros Ferret, CCOO, Spain

• Samuel Klebaner, University Sorbonne, France

• Matteo Gaddi, CGIL, Italy

• Monika Martiskova, CELSI, Slovakia and Czechia

• Tanja Vuksa & Darko Vesic, Center for Politics of Emanicipation, Serbia

• Isis Diniz, communications officer, Institute IEMA, Brazil


• Manuela Kropp, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels

Technical support

• Julie Piette, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels

Video editing

• Louise Schmidt, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels

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