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The Crisis and Future of Democracy

About the anthology

Democracy is in jeopardy. The rise of authoritarian populism, the polarisation of politics and the attacks on the foundations of liberal representative democracy leave little doubt about it. The fallout of the COVID-19 crisis has only reinforced these tendencies. Yet, we also see a revitalisation of radical demands for democratic renewal. Societies are once again acknowledging that inequality is hurting democracy. Calls for democratic regulation of key sectors are getting louder.

Demands for inclusion, equality and redistributive justice are gaining currency. These trends are reactions to a democratic system, which appears ill-equipped to address the fundamental conflicts underlying these problems we are facing. As political institutions struggle to tackle a plethora of ‘crises’, polities are changing how they deal with the most basic democratic questions, i.e. who decides on what, for whom and how.

It is the aim of this volume to take stock of some of the key problems permeating contemporary liberal representative democracy in Europe (and beyond) and to discuss proposals for bottom-up restructuring of politics and society with a view to a radical democratisation process. It explores approaches to transforming the conditions of democratic representation and participation at all levels of politics, to forge an inclusive, equal, free and just society.

In 14 chapters, this book tackles a wide range of problems surrounding democracy and how it might evolve, often drawing the reader’s attention to less-discussed matters. The authors, with their diverse country and disciplinary backgrounds, bring together a wealth of knowledge, astute insights and forward-looking conclusions about the state of democracy, the potential for democratic change and the actors and strategies that can get us there. We hope it will inspire political action striving for a democratisation of democracy.

About the illustrations

the illustrations were created especially for the volume by the artist Alberto Favaro. Alberto Favaro is an Italian architect graduated from the University Of Florence. His architectural work has always been accompanied by artistic research. He is currently residing in Malta, where in the last years he focused on developing art projects.


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