Call for proposals: Author for study on European security architecture

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, a nationally and internationally active German political foundation, is committed to the thoughts and actions of its namesake, the socialist Rosa Luxemburg: We are committed to peace, democracy, social justice and democratic socialism.

The project

The Brussels office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is looking for an author for a short study with the working title “Collective Security Architecture for Europe – Left Concepts”.

The short study is to give an overview of the models currently or in the past discussed by the left in Europe for a collective security architecture (in consideration of Russia) as well as a current assessment of the various stances in view of the war against Ukraine. The short study is intended to enable decision-makers to come up with well-founded proposals and programmatic answers regarding European security.

Specific questions

Based on a literature study, if necessary supplemented by personal interviews with academics and political decision-makers in this area, the following specific questions should be answered:

  1. What is a left definition of security in Europe? Starting from the principle of disarmament, a stop to arms exports and a reduction to national defence.
    • What contribution can disarmament make to improve security?
    • What role could or should concepts of structural non-aggression play?
    • What confidence-building measures are reasonable in the medium to long term (“change through rapprochement” in the 21st century)?
  2. How is a collective security architecture and the inclusion of Russia still conceivable today?
    • Which first, second and third steps would have to be taken?
    • What can we learn from the CSCE/OSCE for today?
    • What mechanisms of civil conflict resolution between EU states and Russia are conceivable? Conflicts of interest will always arise, the question here is how they could be resolved cooperatively and civilly.
  3. What ideas are there for mutual security guarantees ofEuropean states, in view of the current Russian aggression and a clear rejection of NATO?
  4. What are the central arguments against an Europeanisation of arms production and ultimately a European army?
    • What left-wing approaches are there for European strategic autonomy and an independent foreign policy, detached from the US, without increasing militarisation?
    • What specific alternatives and options are there?

Your profile

Very good knowledge of security policy developments, debates and concepts of the last decades until today in Germany and Europe; (30%)

Very good knowledge of current security and peace policy discourses in the German and European left; (30%)

Proven experience in writing studies, analyses and articles on foreign and security policy issues; (20%)

Several years of experience as a researcher, author, journalist or comparable occupation. (20%)

Our requirements

Compilation of a short study along the lines of the questions listed above;

Length of the short study: Maximum 50,000 characters (without spaces);

A maximum two-page summary for political decision-makers;

Submission of the study: 15 May 2023;

Submission of the final text after a round of comments: 15 June 2023.

What we offer

A work contract with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation;

A total remuneration of 4,000 euros.

Application process

Please send your application (incl. writing samples) in English language by e-mail (applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis) by 31 March 2023, 13:00 (CET) the latest to:

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Brussels Office

Ada-Charlotte Regelmann, Project Manager

If you have any questions about the call for applications, please contact Ada-Charlotte Regelmann.

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