Call for Offers: Website Relaunch for the RLS Brussels Office

About us:

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) is an internationally operating, public funded, non-profit institution for political education. RLS is committed to work within the traditions of the global workers, women, anti-fascist and anti-war movements and advocates the ideas of Democratic Socialism. In cooperation with partner organizations, RLS supports the development of political, economic and socio-ecological alternatives to neoliberal capitalism.

As the RLS Brussels Office, we operate as a think tank reflecting on European and international issues. We see ourselves as a socially engaged and progressive organization, deeply cross-linked in the pluralistic left political network in Europe and beyond.

Overall goal:

We want our website to become more interactive, informative and easy to maintain. The website must deliver large amounts of constantly changing information to the organization’s key audiences. ln addition to designing a user-friendly site with an intuitive interface, the website must allow for a web-based, database-driven administration tool (CMS), allowing our team to easily update texts, graphics and other visual/ multimedia content.

The focus is on the presentation of our ongoing events and publications for which we expect a clear-cut and minimalist presentation format and full compatibility with the current social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) in order to ensure the up-to-date distribution and sharing of the content.

Some of the existing content on the current website will be archived, while important components – such as all the publications – should be transferred to the new site.

Technical Requirements:

  1. HTML5/CSS3 Front end
  2. Data migration: The migration of a huge data amount from the old to the new website should be taken into consideration in the offer
  3. Languages: The website should be available in German and English, with the flexibility to add new languages. Our current website hosts the website of the RLS Office in Madrid ( – this should remain the case also in future
  4. The implementation of a Content Management System (WordPress or Typo3) without complicated root structure, enabling our team to easily update and upload data and allowing different user permissions
  5. An advanced Content Editor (Text Formatting, Spell Checker)
  6. Secure upload of images, graphics and other visual/ multimedia content (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF), PDFs and other file types
  7. Adaptability to end devices (monitors, mobile phones, tablets, etc) and different browsers (IE, Firefox ,Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.)
  8. The site structure (design) should be parameterized to allow for any future development and the addition of new features
  9. Integrated newsletter management system / newsletter registration and the possibility to order our publications from the website
  10.  SEO Optimized / SEO Setup (Keywords, Metadata, URLs, Sitemaps)
  11.  Statistics: Embedding of Matomo Analytics

Visual Desgin

  1. The visual identity of the office should be strengthened through a plain, intuitive and minimalistic design and layout in harmony with the structure of the page.
  2. The color guidelines can be found in the attached document “BXL-Corporate Design” and should not change a lot.
  3. We would like to keep the “Star-Network” as part of our visual identity (see: Corporate Design doc: page 5), even though it can be slightly modified.
  4. The font of the page should be changed, but not the logo.
  5. The main menu sections should roughly stay the same, but be structured in a more appealing way

The following websites could serve as references for the new visual design of the website:

The offer should include:

  • An overall concept including a rough timeline
  • A detailed financial calculation
  • A portfolio with samples of your works, if possible including references of works for political organizations

Evaluation Criteria:

Price (50%), Conceptual idea and design (30%), Time-frame (10%), References & experience with working with clients in the non-profit and sector (10%).

Deadline for Applications:

31. July 2023. Please send your application via e-mail to our PR Manager Sophia Thoenes at For more information, feel free to contact us at the same e-mail or per phone at: 0032 2 738 76 66

Call for Offers: Website RelaunchPDF file

RLS BXL-Corporate DesignPDF file