Call for Proposals: Author for study on Impact of EU Policies on Housing and Urban development

About us

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The project

The RLS Brussels office is looking for an author for a short study with the working title “Impact of European Union policies on Housing and Urban development”.

Although the field of housing policies does not fall within the direct competence of the European Union, it is evident that EU policies have a profound impact on housing issues. Moreover, the direct actions of the EU Institutions in recent years (bailout reforms, Urban Agenda, Pillar of Social Rights) show how the paradigm in the EU is significantly changing.

The study’s aim is to give a clear and short overview of the influence of EU policies on housing as well as to identify and propose concrete recommendations and strategies. Current modes of production and ownership of housing and urban development should be critically examined and possibilities for a non-profit housing sector under democratic co-determination and regulation of speculation should be identified. The short study is intended to enable social movements and decision-makers to come up with well-founded proposals and programmatic answers regarding housing and urban development in countertendency to the current mode of production and property of housing and urban space.

Specific questions

Based on data sources, literature study, if necessary supplemented by personal interviews with academics and political decision-makers and activists in this area, the following specific questions should be addressed:

  1. Which institutions, policies and practices of the EU have a direct impact on housing and urban issues in Europe, e.g. Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)?
  2. Which EU institution policies and instruments have an indirect yet significant impact on the housing question and urban development, e.g. European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate rise?
  3. What are the critical points in European legal instruments and treaties? Which changes would be necessary in the EU framework to allow, encourage and support a different housing policy at EU level?
  4. What measures could be developed at EU level to promote the right to housing, in Europe with a particular focus on urban development?
  5. Looking at the struggle for housing in Europe, which possible targets could social movements, left  organizations and parties address for a successful Europe-wide campaign on housing?
  6. Which policies and legislation could be implemented at European level to promote the right to housing and the city oriented towards collective social needs in public and common ownership?

Your profile

  • Very good knowledge of housing policy developments, debates and concepts of the last decades until today in Europe; (30%)
  • Very good knowledge of current housing policies discourses in the left and European social movements; (30%)
  • Proven experience in writing studies, analyses and articles on housing issues; (20%)
  • Several years of experience as a researcher, author, journalist or comparable occupation. (20%)

Our requirements

  • Compilation of a short study along the lines of the questions listed above;
  • Length of the short study: Maximum 80,000 characters (without spaces); plus graphics
  • A maximum two-page summary for political decision-makers;
  • Submission of the study: September 15th 2023
  • Submission of the final text after a round of comments: three weeks after submission.

What we offer

  • A work contract with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation;
  • A total remuneration of 6500 euros

Application process

Please send your application (incl. writing samples) in English language by e-mail (applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis) by 14th July at 6pm (CET) the latest to:

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Brussels Office

Federico Tomasone,

If you have any questions about the call for applications, please contact Federico Tomasone

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