Energy Democracy Movement Declaration

Groups fighting for energy democracy at all levels of society are leading resistance and remedies towards a better future.

Profit-driven energy models have escalated the climate crisis, failed to decarbonise our energy systems, and do not provide universal access to clean, affordable energy. We need to unite globally to transition to public energy systems rooted in justice, solidarity and democracy.

The global energy democracy movement recognises that the energy transition is an urgent opportunity to reclaim our energy systems from the market and put participation, human rights, and equality at the heart.

Energy must be under just public ownership and democratic management, and not for profit. Solutions to energy provision should be collectively agreed, with frontline communities at the centre of decision making.

The Energy Democracy Declaration is a result of a two-day Energy sector meeting as part of the international Our Future is Public conference in Santiago, Chile, that involved Indigenous representatives, trade unions, ecofeminists, climate justice organisations, solidarity collectives and NGOs. It outlines six dimensions that can jointly pave the way forward to ensure clean, affordable energy for all.

Together we stand for:

  • Energy as a human right

  • Energy under public ownership

  • Against green colonialism

  • From profiteering to good living

  • Reducing energy consumption and energy sufficiency for all

  • Funding globally just Energy Transitions

Read and sign the declaration here: 


Declaración del Movimiento por la Democracia EnergéticaPDF file

Energy Democracy Movement DeclarationPDF file