In Germany, the discussion about the €9 ticket, which allows the use of regional public transport everywhere in Germany for €9 a month, is on everyone's lips. Despite its resounding success, the German government has not yet presented a follow-up project, so the €9 ticket will expire at the end of August this year. More than 30 million people (about 40 per cent of the population) in Germany have made use of this offer and this shows how great the need for mobility and how important the ...
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Civil society actions against COVID-19In Brazil, while president Jair Bolsonaro boycotts all efforts to fight the spread of novel coronavirus, popular movements are getting organized to help the most  vulnerable part of the population. In the global context of COVID-19 pandemics, Brazil is gaining notoriety for their Federal Government’s disastrous management of the health crisis, with emphasis on president Jair Bolsonaro’s actions. Through social media, personal actions and political decisions, Bolsonaro is ...
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Brazil in intensive care

Jorge Pereira Filho, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung
Brazilian democracy is on mechanical ventilation. While Covid-19 spreads through the country’s most impoverished areas, shamelessly exposing the bleak reality of its social inequality, president Jair Bolsonaro (who is currently not affiliated with any official political party) has decided to checkmate Brazil’s Judicial and Legislative branches. After joining a political rally in Brasília on Sunday (May 3rd) calling to shut down the Brazilian Congress and Supreme Court, Bolsonaro threatened to put an end to democratic talks. Live streaming on Facebook, the president...
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For the coming weeks, RLS Brussels Office will publish clips from colleagues, comrades, and friends from Europe and beyond giving personal impressions of the crisis, the measures, living and coping. Guilherme Boulos, Coordinator of the Homeless Workers' Movement and of Frente Povo Sem Medo shares his personal impressions from Brazil. Boulos was a candidate for President of Brazil for Partido Socialismo e Liberdade (PSOL) in 2018.​