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Beyond Gas Conference 2021

Annabella Da Re & Nawojka Ciborska, Gastivists Collective
Back together after pandemicLast weekend of September, people from four corners of Europe and beyond, from Portugal to Israel, gathered in Brussels for the first Beyond Gas Conference since Covid-19 hit our lives. The conference was both in person and online, allowing us to interact with activists from Japan, USA, Canada, Europe and Africa connected via zoom.  Beyond Gas is a network composed by grassroots movements, NGOs and collectives that want to fight against fossil gas, and be sure that “transition” means real, fair, ecological and social justice ...
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Web conference on the transformation of the automotive industry as an international project

Manuela Kropp, Project Manager at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels Office
The value chains in the automotive industry are spread across multiple European countries (reaching from Spain to, for example, Serbia) as well as across North and South America. The automotive industry is a global heavyweight, and therefore the discussion about a possible transformation of the automotive industry towards environmentally friendly forms of transport must also be a global one. In 2019, 65 million new cars were sold worldwide, while millions of people work in the automotive industry and ...
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The European Car Lobby

Tobias Haas & Hendrik Sander
The story of the European Union (EU) is often told as a tale of peace and economic prosperity. However, it can also be framed in terms of rapid growth in the transport sector, which is firmly in the grip of ‘fossil capitalism’. The invention at the heart of this mobility model, which is causing widespread environmental destruction, is the internal combustion engine (Candeias et al. 2011; Balsmeyer/Knierim 2018; Haas 2018). A glance at greenhouse gas balances makes this clear, as the transport sector was responsible for roughly 25% of EU-wide emissions in 2015. ...
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Connecting struggles between North and SouthClimate change is rising as a global threat for the environment with already devastating effects on the most vulnerable populations at the national and international scale. It is now understood that only a drastic change in energy policies combined with a systemic climate action globally can mitigate those disastrous environmental and social effects. At the same time the gas industry, extracting and transporting an extremely harmful fossil fuel for the climate and communities, is pushing for more infrastructures in Europe as...
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Beyond Gas Conference 2019

Naomi Kreitman (Gastivists Collective)
Connecting struggles between North and SouthWho, What & Why In March 2019, members of the Beyond Gas community met in Brussels to share, connect and strategize together. This comes after Beyond Gas conferences in 2016 and 2017, and an online conference in 2018 organised by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and other NGOs. The Beyond Gas network brings together activists from around the world who fight the global push for new gas projects. As a way to hold onto their power, and capitalise from the climate crisis, the fossil fuel industry is promoting gas as a climate ...
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Jobs for the Climate!On 22nd of November, unionists and climate justice activists from ten countries and five continents gathered closely before the 4th International Ecosocialist Encounter in the “Lisbon Just Transition Gathering” to share experiences of their fights and to discuss possible convergence points between labor and ecological movements. The encounter took place in a highly contested and charged field of debate in which social and ecological questions are very often played off against each other—will we only save the climate on the cost of many...
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The Yellow Vests in France

Janna Aljets
The car drivers' uprising?Since November 17th, in response to Macron's announcement of a tax increase on petrol and diesel, France has been experiencing mass blockades of road traffic. Macron wants to use this eco-tax to finance climate protection measures. According to media reports, almost 300,000 people participated in blockades on the first day of protest, and there have already been more than 2,000 protests throughout the country. In addition to several hundred injured, two people have already lost their lives. The following Saturday there were visibly fewer ...
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Global Gas Lock-in. Bridge to nowhere

Alfons Pérez
Fossil gas is gaining ground and increasing in importance in the global energy scenario. There are numerous publications and studies evaluating the risk of fuels such as crude oil and coal, but in the case of gas it is more difficult to find critical analyses of the risks involved in its promotion. This booklet intends to show the various dimensions and risks associated with the global and European push for gas. It examines its geopolitical, economic, financial, environmental, climatic and social aspects; it analyses the role of historical development, ...
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Report on the Just Transition Conference on 4 December 2017 in BrusselsSince the Climate Summit COP21 in Paris in 2015, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels, the Delegation DIE LINKE in the European Parliament and transform! Europe have been working together with trade unionists, environmental activists and politicians, in order to promote the European debate on the phasing-out of fossil energy generation and on the socio-ecological transformation. Now it is high time to win political majorities for this ...
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Join a global movement that is rising up to stop fossil gas, fossil fuels, and the extractive economy it maintains. Animation and text by Kevin BucklandSound and video editing by Lucia Armino Music by Supergood www.supergood.orgSpanish version of the video