Image: European Parliament
Image: European Parliament

Fateful elections for Europe?

Andreas Thomsen
Country and election analyses for the 2019 European electionsThe 2019 European elections will take place in rather unsettling times for the European Union. With the fallout from the euro crisis far from over, the Union looks on anxiously as the next cycle of crisis approaches. Moreover, one consequence of the euro crisis is that it exacerbated a serious crisis of legitimacy for the system of representative democracy in the European Union and EU Member States. Extreme right-wing and right-wing populist forces are growing stronger everywhere. In many countries they ...
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The left in France under Macron

Romy Straßenburg
When he came to power, Emmanuel Macron – who claims to be “neither left nor right” and considers “liberalism a leftist value” (1) – pledged to overcome political divisions. This forced his opponents to develop strategies and measures that would enable them to survive on the new political stage. While the socialists, conservatives, and extreme right are struggling to reinvent themselves, the left seems to be gaining a surprising momentum, both on the streets and in parliament – and not just since Macron took office. While an electoral victory for ...
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