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The Minister of Labor Yolanda Diaz and former MEP Manu Pineda attend the EU campaign of the Sumar coalition, May 23, 2024, Madrid.
The election results in the Spanish State give a narrow victory to the Popular Party, which beat the Socialist Party by two seats. The clear victory is for the political tradition of two main parties, which garnered 64.37% of the votes ... read more "Yolanda Díaz steps down from leadership of Sumar and Izquierda Unida fails to enter the European Parliament"
Communist Party members on the campaign trail in Vienna, Austria, May 2024.
Flicker / KPÖ
If you ask a random passer-by on the streets of Salzburg what sets the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) apart, they will probably have quite a bit to say — regardless of whether they vote for the KPÖ or not.
read more "Setting Ourselves Apart"
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