Giorgia Meloni at a meeting with the Czech prime minister in Rome, 13 May 2024.
IMAGO/Italy Photo Press
“Just write Giorgia!” For Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia party, June’s European elections are all about the prime minister, who is its top-listed candidate in all five Italian constituencies. Since her popularity outstrips her party’s, some pollsters suggest that putting her name on the ballot paper could bring her list an extra 2 percent support, although she won’t become an MEP. In April, the Interior Ministry declared that “Giorgia” counts as a “nickname”— so, simply writing this word across your ballot paper ...
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Italy's farmworkers are organising successfully in the USB unionAn interview with Patrick Segal Konde Italy is one of the countries hardest hit by coronavirus. What impact is this having on farmworkers? It's not that easy to say. The plight of workers has always been precarious; that didn't start with coronavirus. However, the risk that just one person could infect many others is one we're taking very seriously. Many farmworkers in Italy don't have residence permits and are totally defenceless in the face of the pandemic....
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