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Demonstration against the extreme right in the presence of the new Popular Front 15 June, Paris.
IMAGO/Le Pictorium
When Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France in 2017, he vowed in his first public speech that the far right would be erased before of the end of his mandate. Seven years later, Marine ... read more "France between Fascism and the Popular Front"
The Minister of Labor Yolanda Diaz and former MEP Manu Pineda attend the EU campaign of the Sumar coalition, May 23, 2024, Madrid.
Die Wahlergebnisse in Spanien bedeuten einen knappen Sieg der zentristischen Volkspartei, die die Sozialistische Partei um zwei Sitze geschlagen hat. Der eindeutige Sieg geht an die politische Tradition der beiden Großparteien, die ... read more "Yolanda Díaz steps down from leadership of Sumar and Izquierda Unida fails to enter the European Parliament"
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