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Malmö 13-15 November 2019By Ada Regelmann, with additional materials by Staffan Dahllöf and Michael Lauritsen The Brussels Office of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung partnered with the Democracy in Europe Organisation (DEO) from Copenhagen to host a workshop to better understand and compare the causes of the rise of the far right across countries and to discuss strategies on how the left should respond. The workshop gave participants the opportunity to exchange viewpoints on analysis and strategy, learn from each other and connect. ...
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About the Global Working Group The Global Working Group Beyond Development is hosted by the Brussels Office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung since 2016. It includes around thirty engaged researchers, activists and popular educators from all five continents which bring together knowledge and experience around the different relations of domination which we confront in actual times – class, race, gender, caste, coloniality and depredatory relations with Nature – and also from processes of alternative transformations towards greater equity, ...
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to promote a critical dialogue on democracyGlobal Working Group Beyond Development Under the auspices of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office, the Global Working Group Beyond Development wants to exchange experiences of and generate knowledge about alternatives to the currently dominant hegemonic ways of life. Background and Objectives Contemporary way of life is defined by substantial and rapid transformations of human impact on our social, ecological and political environments: commodification of nature and accelerated ecological destruction of livelihoods ...
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Beyond Gas Conference 2019

Naomi Kreitman (Gastivists Collective)
Connecting struggles between North and SouthWho, What & Why In March 2019, members of the Beyond Gas community met in Brussels to share, connect and strategize together. This comes after Beyond Gas conferences in 2016 and 2017, and an online conference in 2018 organised by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and other NGOs. The Beyond Gas network brings together activists from around the world who fight the global push for new gas projects. As a way to hold onto their power, and capitalise from the climate crisis, the fossil fuel industry is promoting gas as a climate ...
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Fotomovimiento / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Fotomovimiento / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A bad day for the right

Andreas Thomsen
The Spanish general election and what it teaches usThe most recent turning points in Spanish politics occurred on 2 December 2018 and 13 February 2019. 2 December saw regional elections in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, where the left had been in power for decades. The social-democratic PSOE party suffered a significant decline, dropping seven percentage points. While the conservative People's Party (PP) also lost around five percentage points, the elections in Andalusia were nevertheless a clear victory for the right. The far-right VOX party came from virtually ...
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Jobs for the Climate!On 22nd of November, unionists and climate justice activists from ten countries and five continents gathered closely before the 4th International Ecosocialist Encounter in the “Lisbon Just Transition Gathering” to share experiences of their fights and to discuss possible convergence points between labor and ecological movements. The encounter took place in a highly contested and charged field of debate in which social and ecological questions are very often played off against each other—will we only save the climate on the cost of many...
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Image: Jeremy Corbyn Graffiti, England
Image: Jeremy Corbyn Graffiti, England

Labour conference 2018

Ellie Mae O'Hagan
A step towards a new political consensusLiverpool, England’s northern city famous for football, the Beatles and its notoriously quick-witted citizens, is always at its loveliest in Autumn. And it is against the backdrop of cinereal September clouds that 13,400 people decamped to the city’s docks for five days to take part in the Labour Party conference, where they would subsist on a cyclical diet of warm white wine, black coffee, composite motions and political debate.This conference hashed out policies on a massive range of issues: the party pledged to prevent the ...
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Alternatives in a World of Crisis

Global Working Group Beyond Development
Seeking alternatives beyond developmentOur world is facing a multidimensional crisis arising from the very civilizational foundations that capitalist modernity is built on: economic growth, instrumental and destructive societal relations with Nature, a blind belief in science and technology and a rational, profit-maximizing, and individualistic understanding of humanity. These bases have not only produced a specific set of problems, including an unprecedented level of ecological destruction. They also shape the possible solutions that are envisioned and often ...
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Organizing for a Left Hegemony

At the first European Summer School in Madrid about 100 people discussed social rights, struggles and strategies for the left in EuropeIn the beginning of October about 100 people – all of them activists, campaigners or organizers in left parties, social movements and trade unions in Europe and the US followed an invitation of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung to Madrid. Five days of intense workshops, panel discussions, lectures and debates followed, as well as a colorful and powerful demonstration for housing rights in Madrid and long talks. The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung...
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This two-days workshop in Madrid in March aimed to reveal the present state of the European Social Democracy, through a concrete analysis of the European Social Democratic parties in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium. This event follows the workshop held in Helsinki (see the conference report) where we examined the parties of Italy, Sweden, Central-Eastern Europe, Greece and the United Kingdom. In parallel, the workshop was an attempt to capture the relation between the social democracy and the ...
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