The workshop facilitated the exchange of experiences and strategies among the parties.
The workshop facilitated the exchange of experiences and strategies among the parties.
Event ReportOn 8-9 June 2023 the Brussels Office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) hosted a workshop in Malmö to facilitate the exchange of experiences and strategies between several left-wing parties grappling with the issue of security policy, particularly in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The event was held face-to-face and invitation-only to guarantee an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality to participants. The workshop brought together 20 party activists and decision-makers from the political left in Sweden, ...
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New publication from ENAAT now available in 7 languagesIn 2017, the EU approved the funding of military research and the development of new arms and technologies, breaking the red line that the EU should not fund military activities with the community budget. Over half a billion Euros went to military research and development (R&D) through two precursor programmes: the Preparatory Action for Defence Research (PADR), which funds joint military research projects, and the European Defence Industrial Development Program (EDIDP), which ...
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Those who need a compass have usually lost their bearings before – and this is certainly true of the European Union (EU) and its Common Foreign and Security Policy. At least this is what a new basic document puts forward, with which the European Union more or less openly admits to having operated at various levels and for many years with strategies and concepts that had no “reasonable” relation to one another. The “Strategic Compass”1 (SC) adopted at the EU summit on 25 March 2022 is intended to provide an explanation ...
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A Strategic Compass Leading Where?

Axel Ruppert, RLS Brussels
The dangers of EU militarisation under French leadership***Version française ci-dessous*** In the shadow of Putin’s revanchist war in Ukraine and its multifold consequences for Europe’s security architecture, member states are developing the European Union’s first full-fledged military strategy. The “Strategic Compass” championed by French President Macron – whose government currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU Council – would substantially advance the militarisation of the European Union. Swept up by domestic political ...
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New comic book in English, German and FrenchAbout the book It is impossible to determine the number of firearms in circulation in the world, but one thing is certain: there have never been so many! According to recent estimates, there are now more than one billion firearms in existence. And if you consider the number of guns leaving the arsenals each day, this flow is not about to decrease. European states bear a great share of responsibility for this situation. Weapons made in Europe are used to kill, harm and displace people around the globe. While ...
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A militarised Union

Ainhoa Ruiz, Bram Vranken, Francesco Vignarca, Jordi Calvo, Laëtitia Sédou, Wendela de Vries
Understanding and confronting the militarisation of the European UnionAbout the book  How is the European Union (EU) preparing itself for the challenges that lie ahead? How will it deal with the climate, economic and social crises we are facing? What steps is it taking to tackle the root causes of these crises? Answers to these questions are vital to those living within and outside the EU. The EU’s priorities and the subsequent allocation of political attention, personnel and financial resources matter a great deal. Disturbingly, the EU and its Member States have ...
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