Workers Rights

Online Conference «Working time reduction and climate crisis»

European Network for the fair sharing of working time
What role for working time reduction when addressing climate change?About the conference: The shorter working week has always been at the heart of the labour movement. The eight-hour movement extended beyond borders and ensured that today we enjoy things like the weekend and the eight-hour day. After decades in the political wilderness, the shorter working week is fast becoming one of the major political issues across Europe: now it is not only about workers’ wellbeing, equality and the reduction of unemployment – now it ...
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About the book The agricultural produce that ends up on our table from supermarket shelves and market stalls does not tell the story of the lives of the countless men and women who toil in the fields and greenhouses of Italy in conditions and at a pace that are often reminiscent of modern slavery. In this production chain, thousands of “invisible” workers, many of them migrants, are isolated by Italian law and easily blackmailed due to the indifference of the European Union and its inability to agree on harmonisation processes for the effective ...
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The Project: The European network for the fair sharing of working time, initiated by ATTAC (Germany – Group Arbeitfairteilen) and Collectif Roosevelt (France), is an informal structure open to representatives of organisations, experts and activists. The network gathers multiple organizations including trade unions, NGOs, citizen movements, scientists, policy makers, or members of the European parliament from 12 countries: France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Austria, ...
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For the coming weeks, RLS Brussels Office will publish clips from colleagues, comrades, and friends from Europe and beyond giving personal impressions of the crisis, the measures, living and coping. Vladimir, Postman and activist at Potere al Popolo gives us first-hand information on the situation in Italy.