Brexit marks one of the biggest crises to face the European Union. The outcome of the upcoming elections will be crucial to Europe's future. On the one hand, this section will analyse the electoral situation in individual ... more on this topic "Elections and parties"
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Fuelled by growing economic hardships and fears about the future of the continent, an alarming drift to the right has set in across Europe. The elections to the next European Parliament, scheduled for 6–9 June 2024, are ... more on this topic "Europe: Ruin or Renewal?"
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Nearly 150 years after French poet Arthur Rimbaud’s masterwork, contemporary France is roiled by its own Season in Hell, a deeply fractured and unsettled political moment in which dark phantasms grow large and the path to a better... more on this topic "France on the edge"
Economic globalisation is changing society at a very rapid pace and is deeply impacting people’s living conditions. So far, it has been dominated and shaped by powerful economic interests. The dominant model... more on this topic "Global political economy and trade policy"
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Politics and Change in the Nordic Countries The Nordic countries have, for decades, been characterised by a strong welfare state and strong unions, creating more equal societies with low levels of poverty and exclusion, high ... more on this topic "Northern Exposure"
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The current economic system is in an acute crisis, which is being reflected in all aspects of the society in Europe and globally. A transition of the economic system is a possible solution for exiting the multiple ... more on this topic "Social-ecological transformation"