About us

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is an internationally operating, left non-profit organisation for civic education affiliated with Germany’s ‘Die Linke’ (Left Party). Active since 1990, the foundation has been committed to the analysis of social and political processes and developments worldwide. We work in favour of a more just world system based on international solidarity.

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"Rosa Luxemburg goes Europe" was the slogan under which the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation launched the project of establishing a Brussels office in 2008. Brussels is not only the centre of European politics, but also a significant centre of world politics, particularly with regard to north-south policy. Brussels is also the headquarters of Nato. There are thus many ... learn more "Our work"

Rosa Luxemburg

Born on March 5th, 1871, Rosa Luxemburg, a Polish Jew and participant in the Russian Revolution of 1905, was a co-founder of the Social Democratic Party in the joint Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania. Next to Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg was the most important representative of the left-wing socialist, anti-militarist, and internationalist positions in... learn more "Rosa Luxemburg"
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation was founded in Berlin in 1990 and is a German think tank associated with the party Die Linke. Rosa Luxemburg Foundation considers itself part of the political movement for democratic socialism. It is a discussion forum for progressive political alternatives and a centre for critical thinking and research both in Germany and throughout... learn more "Foundation"